FePASS - Feasibility platform for stroke studies


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About FePASS (Feasibility PlAtform for Stroke Studies)

The Feasibility platform for stroke studies (FePASS) is an online resource that helps researchers to design clinical stroke studies. FePASS estimates the proportion of patients who might be eligible for a hypothetical stroke study according to its inclusion and exclusion criteria. It enables researchers to estimate the number of patients who can be included in a future study based on the expected number of stroke patients treated in participating hospitals. By choosing different parameters of eligibility criteria the trial design and hence patient recruitment can be optimized.

FePASS is based on data of 1340 stroke patients admitted between December 2007 and December 2009 to the comprehensive stroke unit of the University Hospital of Münster, Germany, a tertiary care center. For better generalisability further European and US stroke centers will add patient data to the FePASS database.

The eligibility criteria used in FePASS are based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria of 24 recent acute stroke studies. The values of the eligibility criteria which are selected when using FePASS restrict the cohort to patients meeting (for inclusion) or explicitly not meeting (exclusion) these criteria. Overall, FePASS provides the proportion of patients who would be eligible for a hypothetical trial.


Variability of values: certain criteria (e.g. NIHSS, mRS and age) can be defined by choosing a value and variability. This leads to multiple calculations, each taking another value for the given criterion. For example, if you choose to set the minimum age to 20 with a variability of 2, FePASS performs calculations for your hypothetical trial with a minimum age of 18, 19 and 20 years and presents to you an overview of each of the calculation's outcome.

Save your query: as a registered user, you have the possibility to save each of your hypothetical studies and re-run them (for re-calculations, exports, on new patient data,...).

Export study: your hypothetical study can be exported to PDF, containing the criteria and results

Instant results: FePASS takes all the criteria you have chosen to be inclusion or exclusion criteria and calculates the matching cohort instantly. The results are presented within seconds, including the variabilities and the option to export your study.